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The Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on their Facebook page, which was also read on local radio this morning.  I am happy to report that Chris has more or less confirmed the Sheriff’s statement.  Based on the audio podcast interview with Chris (scroll down), my conversations with the Sheriff and the Sheriff’s public statement, I believe we have formed an accurate picture of the circumstances surrounding the ATF visit to Fayette County and quashed rumors.

I would like to thank Chris for sharing his story and Sheriff Korenek for working so diligently to clarify and confirm it.  We are fortunate to live in a fabulous county that values freedom and I know Sheriff Korenek to be a patriot sheriff.

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There have been some concerns about why the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) was recently in Fayette County. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has felt it necessary to make a statement about what transpired.
Sgt. Ron Naumann was in Lone Star Rebels Guns Store, when he heard Mr. Dobbins talking about receiving a phone call from an individual identifying himself as an ATF agent. Mr. Dobbins stated that the call was in reference to a trigger that he had purchased. Sgt. Naumann told Mr. Dobbins that he (Naumann) would call the number back for Mr. Dobbins to confirm the identity of the alleged ATF agent.
Sgt. Naumann made contact with the agent, who stated that he would gladly come to meet with deputies and Mr. Dobbins to confirm his identity and speak with Mr. Dobbins about the trigger. Mr. Dobbins agreed to the meeting. The day of the meeting, Deputies of the Sheriff’s Office met with the individual and were able to confirm that he was in fact an ATF agent.
Later at the residence, Deputies maintained a standby position due to Mr. Dobbin’s concerns regarding the ATF, and did not participate in any seizure or federal enforcement action. The ATF conducted their business with Mr. Dobbins, while Deputies had a friendly conversation with other family members on the scene.
Any questions related to this transaction can and should be directed to the ATF as they are the investigating agency. It should be noted however, that the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has an open door policy and we will relay whatever information we can lawfully release.

ATF Confiscates Forced Reset Trigger from Fayette County Citizen

Listen to the 12 minute interview here

Meet Fayette County citizen Chris Dobbins and hear his story. The ATF recently visited Chris and used intimidation tactics to confiscate his legally purchased forced reset trigger. Chris, not really knowing what to do, handed over the trigger without incident as four Fayette County Sheriff deputies observed from nearby.

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Rare Breed FRT Trigger Video Animation

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