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FaCoTx LGISD 5/20/2024 – Incumbents Sworn In, Officer Elections Held

Courtesy of Jeff Parker: The public portion of the meeting was fairly routine at 42 minutes long.  One public speaker addressed the board on the library materials issue.  The board approved borrowing $2 million for 15 years via a Maintenance Tax Note – interest rate 4.495% plus $45,000 fee to the company that helped line up the lending bank.  Intruder Detection Audit Report – there was one “finding”, but the details were to be discussed in closed session and not made available to the public.  Incumbent trustees Mr. Calvin Mersiovsky and Dr. Karen Roberts were sworn in to begin their three-year term.

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FaCoTx LGISD 3/25/2024 – Books Subject of Fantastic Public Comments!

Again, courtesy of Jeff Parker. Unfortunately, we did not get our recording of the last school board meeting when the book issue erupted in controversy, but we did get this most recent one. I have not listened to the entire recording, but I listened to all the public comments in the beginning, and they are well worth your time. As this book controversy unfolds, check back here for more recordings.

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FaCoTx LGISD 3/18/2024 – Budget Workshop Considers Maintenance Tax Note

LGISD “Budget Workshop” meeting 3/18/24 to discuss taking out a “Maintenance Tax Note”, which would be a loan of $2,000,000 at 4.75% for 15 years. The purpose of the note is to tackle maintenance and construction projects “now” rather than at the rate of the yearly amount budgeted for capital outlay — approximately $285,000 per year.


LGISD Public Hearing 12/12/2022 – Monarch Green Energy Tax Scheme Declined

Monarch Energy didn’t perform any better in person. Once again, the public heavily opposed, but this time, there were fewer pitchforks and more professionals. A wealth of general information related to the county water and energy supplies was shared. Don’t miss the public comments if you want a free Fayette County history lesson.

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LGISD Public Hearing For Proposed Chapter 313 Agreement With Monarch Energy

Citizens Deliver Epic SmackDown of Monarch Energy’s Plan to Scam Fayette County
“Sophisticated Investors” from California propose illogical plan for “green energy” project in Fayette County. Monarch Energy was…less than impressive…and their disastrous and ill-prepared presentation was such an insult that even the gentle Mr. G couldn’t contain his displeasure. Monarch has some ‘splainin’ to do and I can’t wait for the next SmackDown scheduled for next Monday, 12/12/2022! See you there!