20240117 FCRW Candidates Form

FayCoTx Rep Women 1/17/2024 – FCRW Holds Candidate Forum at General Meeting

The Fayette County Republic Women held their January meeting today and the room was filled nearly to capacity. Ms. Kimberley’s legislative report is always fantastic, but the main attraction was definitely the candidate forum. This is our first opportunity to hear from candidates this primary season and the highlight, in my opinion, was the Fayette County Attorney’s race. It was the only race with both candidates in attendance. I am very thankful for contested races because it gives us an opportunity to discuss major issues, and get candidates on the record, that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Thanks to all candidates for running, but in particular those who took the time to share with us today.

FaCoTx Republican Party Meeting 9/9/2023 – Bartlett & Crawford of Protocolkills.com & Greeson vs Kitzman

It was delightful to see so many pack the AgriLife Extension meeting room for the quarterly meeting. We had an inspirational speech from the young & refreshing Randan Steinhauser, an update from Representative Kitzman and a little fireworks from candidate Greeson (le sigh). I give a brief update on the proposed county budget and James Gilliam talks about the Texas Nationalist Movement. Of course, the highlight was the presentation by special guests, Laura Bartlett (sister of Dr. Richard Bartlett) and Greta Crawford on hospital Covid 19 protocols and how to protect yourself and those you love. Listen, learn & live!

Round Top Tx

Round Top, Texas 9/6/2023 – Strategic Planning Meeting #1

Wow, what a crowd!  Over 150 people showed up at the Rifle Hall to talk about the future of Round Top.  There was a long list of scheduled speakers as well as public comments.  I attended because I thought it would be an interesting conversation and I was not disappointed.  I learned a lot about Round Top last night.  There is another meeting scheduled for next Wednesday, 9/13 at 6 pm, again at the Rifle Hall.

Texas Senator Lois Kolkhorst

FaCoTx Republican Women Meeting – Senator Kolkhorst Delivers Passionate & Informative Legislative Update

You are all in for a real treat with this one. Senator Kolkhorst was invited by the Fayette County Republican Women to deliver a legislative update and she was on fire! Get ready for nearly two hours of passion and information overload as the tireless Senator delivers a fabulous legislative update. The highlight, of many highlights, is probably the explanation of the tax breaks (which are up for election later this year, Prop 4). She also touched on mental health, the hospital, abortion, border enforcement, new nuclear technology headed for Seadrift, medical freedom and so much more! [deep breath] The crowd was giant and included Rep Stan Kitzman. We were all treated to a wonderful example of good government, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

FaCoTx Republican Party Meeting 6/10/2023 – Wes Virdell & Stephen Willeford

Wow, what a surprise! I went to the Fayette County Republican Party Quarterly meeting mostly to see Wes Virdell, the state director for Gun Owners of America, but we were also blessed to welcome Stephen Willeford, the hero of the Sutherland Springs shooting. When a crazy man went into a church is Sutherland Springs and began shooting, Stephen grabbed his firearm, engaged the shooter and ended the massacre. Don’t miss his story! Thank you, Deborah Frank, for organizing the meeting and for all your hours dedicated to community service.

FaCoTx TCEQ Public Hearing 2/15/2023 – Tex Mix Air Quality Permit for Plum

Well, the hearing was about air quality, not roads, flooding, noise, nuisances, decreased quality of life or property values. So, we asked a couple questions about dust and most of the rest of the meeting was pointless, other than to speak our minds and send a message to developers. I didn’t even bother to look at the application. We can’t stop it, but we may have a little recourse. We’ll have to save our battle for another day I suppose…

Newly Elected Officials Thumbnail

FaCoTx Oath of Office 1/1/2023 – County Judge Terminates EMC Position

Dan Mueller took the oath of office early Sunday morning and administered the oath to the other newly elected officials. His second act as County Judge was apparently to terminate the Emergency Management Coordinator position, essentially delivering the news during the ceremony while the others were still being recognized. I support the dismissal, but a little more discretion would have been wiser.

FaCoTx Public Meeting 10/24/2022 – Hazard Mitigation Plan #1

This is the first of three public meetings seeking public input on the hazard mitigation plan being prepared by H2O Partners. After listening to the audio, my biggest concern is the potential for the erosion of private property rights through increased restriction and regulation, and a deeper slide into Communism. Beware and be ready when the Regulators come!