St. Mark's sign

County Judge’s Office Releases Disappointing Statement Regarding St. Mark’s

As you read this joint press release, remember these facts. St. Mark’s is not paying its $1.9 million yearly mortgage and is receiving $273 thousand per month (±$3.3m/yr) for its REH designation, and still its projected net profit for the year is only $600,000. Without the REH money, the net loss is $2.7 m/yr and with the mortgage, the net loss is $4.6 m/yr. Is that sustainable at any level, under any plan?

William Bernsen & Chris Dobbins - Don't Tread on Me

ATF Confiscates Forced Reset Trigger from Fayette County Citizen

*** UPDATE *** The Sheriff’s Office responds…

Meet Fayette County citizen Chris Dobbins and hear his story. The ATF recently visited Chris and used intimidation tactics to confiscate his legally purchased forced reset trigger. Chris, not really knowing what to do, handed over the trigger without incident as four Fayette County Sheriff deputies observed from nearby.