County Judge's Office Releases Disappointing Statement Regarding St. Mark's

Fayette County Judge Mueller & La Grange Mayor Dockery Issue Joint Statement

As you read this joint press release, remember these facts. St. Mark’s is not paying its $1.9 million yearly mortgage and is receiving $273 thousand per month (±$3.3m/yr) for its REH designation, and still its projected net profit for the year is only $600,000. Without the REH money, the net loss is $2.7 m/yr and with the mortgage, the net loss is $4.6 m/yr. Is that sustainable at any level, under any plan?


County Judge and Mayor issue a Statement

Our hopes of having a ‘full’ in-patient hospital in La Grange has dwindled.  On January 20th of this year, Mark Kimball and Dudley Piland of the hospital asked us to meet with them concerning St. Mark’s Hospital.  We were told that the hospital needed to convert to a Rural Emergency Hospital….an emergency room only.  On three (3) separate dates, we have met with Mark Kimball and Dudley Piland to discuss the possibilities of keeping the hospital operating as a ‘full’ in-patient hospital.  We met with State Senator Lois Kolkhorst.  We met with representatives of Congressman Michael McCaul and U.S. Senator John Cornyn.  We met with an attorney in Austin who specializes in assisting rural hospitals.  We met with representative of the Center for Medicare Services.  These representatives work in Dallas, Denver and Washington D.C.  We located a prospective hospital management team that works with struggling rural hospitals on several occasions.  We were very close to reaching an agreement with them.  They felt the hospital could be a success.  We secured funding that would have helped us have a hospital.  All this work was done at no expense to the taxpayers.  Our efforts to get this hospital back open and into the hands of local people here in La Grange and Fayette County have been unsuccessful.  We cannot get back local control.  Our frustrations of being unable to have a ‘full’ in-patient hospital in La Grange are equaled to the frustrations we feel about the fact that the hospital has been mismanaged for a number of recent years.

Dan Mueller, County Judge

Jan Dockery, Mayor, City of La Grange