Fayette County, Texas - Commissioners Court 4/13/2023

Routine is the Order of the Day

20230413 Com Court

Some days are more routine than others and it’s more about what you learn before and after Court :wink:  We covered 33 items in 80 minutes, here are some highlights: Rodney Read is unhappy about an accident report & Deborah Frank delivers more fabulous St. Mark’s comments; EMS employees Melody McCoy and Patty Nelson are recognized; subdivision regulations to be discussed at workshop; EMS gives Station 4 update, discusses ambulance chassis cost, wear & tear; discuss mulch grinding, hazardous waste disposal, unhappy uniforms, an internship & of course, bills.  But…no hospital update?

Well, not during the meeting, but click here to see the press release.

Audio Recording

Table of Contents (click a timestamp)

0:00:00 – Call to Order

0:02:01 – #2 Public comments

Rodney Read is concerned about an issue that occurred at a recent accident response and traffic issues on the north end of the county.

Deborah Frank delivers remarks about St. Mark’s again, providing the results of her information request, calling for conversations, an investigation and whistleblowers to expose hospital mismanagement and pleads with citizens not deny tax dollars to the hospital.

0:06:37 – #3 EMS employees Melody McCoy and Patty Nelson are recognized for their years of service

0:09:25 – #4 Begin subdivisions

  • There was a little brief discussion on #5 because it was my subdivision.  I did a hand sketch that was approved by the Court.  My purpose was to demonstrate what a future “Class III Subdivision Sketch” might look like.  The Judge asked about the workshop in May.  There is a planned meeting to discuss the current subdivision regulations in detail and the ongoing work to update them.
  • Item #6 was denied and there was some discussion related to that.
  • Clint finishes with his monthly report.

0:28:17 – #12 EMS Report

  • Station 4 status update
  • Ambulance purchases

0:34:07 – #14 Grant Specialist discusses firefighters and phone grants

0:38:15 – #17 Recycle Report

  • There was brief discussion related to bids for mulch grinding and extended discussion related to hazardous waste collection and disposal.



0:53:07 – #28 Award bid for EMS vehicle

  • Includes more discussion related to the cost of ambulance chassis and wear & tear.

0:59:11 – #30 JP#1 receives a request for an internship

01:03:10 – #31 Discussion related to uniforms for certain county employees

01:13:15 – #32 Discussion related to records retention and destruction

01:16:33 – #33 pay the bills