Fayette County, Texas - Commissioners Court 7/13/2023

St. Mark’s Revival, Budget Requests & Another 5% Raise?

It was a crowded courtroom today with a revolving door for a marathon meeting.  Sam & Diana Wilson, of Hospital Center of Excellence (HCEO), lead off with public comments related to St. Mark’s.  There was interesting discussion related to road bonds, our uniform company and especially the bids for property left over from a property tax sale, but without a doubt, the jewel of this meeting was the budget workshop.  Private orgs requesting community assistance had detailed written and oral presentations, listen & learn about your community.  The smaller county departments followed with their requests, stay up to date.  And the last item?  “That subject”, another 5% pay increase?

[Click here for the handouts and click here for the agenda and minutes package.  I can’t emphasize enough how much great information this audio and the handouts contain.  Be informed.]

There were officially 30 people on the signup sheet.  I downloaded the minutes package late Wednesday evening, and it did not contain the budget information.  The last page in that document was the schedule of private orgs.  On Thursday morning, the minutes packaged included the budget information (additional 56 pages).  There were two thick packets of handouts in the courtroom containing written requests by the private orgs and reports for some county departments.  These documents were in short supply and not generally available to everyone, but I was able to get copies.  It is a tremendous amount of information and too much to consume in a couple hours on Thursday morning.  It would have been nice to have the documents sooner, but at least we have them.  Now, do you your homework.

Question Mark

Fat Benefits or Fat Salary? (Sidebar)

I believe the following statement is generally true:

Fayette County employees are generally paid less than surrounding counties, but their benefits are much better.

County employees, would you prefer fat benefits or a fat salary?

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The last 56 pages of the minutes packaged are the latest budget information.

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