Fayette County, Texas - Commissioners Court 4/22/2024

Subdivision Fast Lane Closing Soon!

My crusade to update the subdivision regulations continued recently as I objected to the Pope subdivision on the grounds that it wasn’t platted.  With 15 lots, many long and skinny, it wasn’t clear whether the proposed residential development was viable or posed a threat to public health and welfare.  Essentially sustaining my objection, the Court called this special meeting to consider my recommendations.  It was the most productive meeting in recent memory with heavy public attendance and participation.  The Court adopted most of my recommendations in principle, leaving some details to be determined.  I write this knowing the future and I cannot express enough the importance of this hour-long conversation.

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More Details

I am advocating for the minimum standard (between 132’ and 150’).  When you regulate beyond the minimum standard, you infringe on private property rights.  Governments don’t exist to provide Utopia, but to secure liberty and freedom, and they lose their authority where they go beyond the minimum standard to protect the health and welfare.

I recommend the following ordinance language where applicable:

Divisions of property creating [5] lots or more within a [24] month period must be platted.

Lots must maintain a minimum width of [150] feet, exclusive of the lane in a flag lot or any neck, defined as an irregular-shaped narrow portion of the lot which provides access to a dedicated public right-of-way.

Lots must have a minimum buildable area of [1] acre outside of any FEMA-defined special flood hazard area.

Discussion Items

  • Require divisions of 5 lots or more within 24 months to be platted
  • Set a minimum lot width
  • Require minimum one acre buildable area outside flood zones
  • Require infrastructure drainage review to be paid for by applicant
  • Remove definition of “blue lines” as special flood hazard areas
  • Remove 100’ septic buffer
  • Consider culvert spacing