Fayette County, Texas - Commissioners Court 4/25/2024

Maximize Liberty, Not Regulations, Plus a Tax Abatement

Today’s meeting was another one with great participation.  There were a number of topics with heavy discussion but the most interesting was the application requesting a 100% tax abatement for a giant battery project and the pending changes to the subdivision regulations.  While the proposed increase in subdivision platting will help ensure compliance with minimum standards, setting the minimum lot width so high at 170 feet will adversely affect real estate development by making it more difficult to develop affordable, minimum-sized lots.  Regulations become onerous and over burdensome particularly when they go beyond the minimum requirement to protect public health and welfare and try creating Utopia.

Audio Recording

Quicklinks - Clickable Timestamps

0:00:00 – Call to Order

  • Declaration of Soil & Water Stewardship Week
  • Deny Pope Subdivision Application
  • TAC Employee Benefits Consultant on County health incentives

0:18:38 – Tax abatement presentation

  • Staccato Project Tax Abatement Application
    • They accepted the application today
    • The public hearing is coming up
    • Listen to the presentation to better understand the project
    • About 12 minutes with little to no questions
    • I can’t see a single benefit
    • They request a 100% abatement with a negotiated PILOT?
  • VFW Post 2527 requests help with driveway culvert at cemetery
  • Interlocal agreement with local VFDs for use of county equipment in fire emergencies
  • Security for ag building

The Sketch They Are Using

0:59:47 – Discussion related to Subdivision Regulations

  • Time period which requires a plat (24 mo)
  • Minimum lot width 150’ vs 170’
    • I recommend between 132’ and 150’
  • You don’t make major policy changes based on a few social media complaints
  • Technically, the Pope subdivision had defects other than not being platted (its lots didn’t meet requirement to have 100’ septic buffer from all property lines, and had a “blue line”, which requires a flood study).
  • I asked them to come back with the actual language for approval because I knew Clint wanted help with the language