Fayette County, Texas - Commissioners Court 4/29/2024

Sheriff’s Office Salaries Increase 30% In One Year?

The first order of business was to approve the language of the amendment to the subdivision regulations.  I support most of the changes, but the court went too far by setting the minimum lot width of 170’ when 150’ would do.  The second topic covered the use of the SB22 grant funds.  There was no information available to the public at the meeting and no presentation was made.  All they said was that they wanted to use 100% of the grant funds for salary.  After getting official copies of the spreadsheets, I can see why there is so much secrecy as the proposed raises would represent a total increase in overall compensation of 30% or more on average, in one year!  The final decision will be made Thursday 5/2.

See the Salary Spreadsheets

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0:00:00 – Call to Order

0:05:46 – Begin discussion on SB22

Transparency is not when the Sheriff’s Office tells the Commissioners Court what they are spending money on, expecting their simple acknowledgment.  Transparency is when discussions are held in a public setting with full disclosure where citizens are fully aware of all circumstances and information and have the ability to provide input, long before the deadline.

SB22 contains no language granting the Sheriff full discretion over the use of the funds.  It simply grants the funds for certain uses only.  As with all county funds, including grant funds, Commissioners Court must approve all expenditures, and the County Auditor is the ultimate authority to ensure compliance with the law.  From the beginning, we have been told the Sheriff had full discretion to use grant funds for whatever he wants (even giving all of it to one person would be allowed, they allege) and all discussions have been held privately.  Today in Court, no plan was presented publicly.  These spreadsheets were shared with the Court but were not made available to the public until after the meeting.  This will all likely be approved before the public is even aware because they waited until the last minute to disclose the proposed use of the funds and the Court meets again Thursday morning.

You can read the law for yourself here: