Letter to the Editor Supporting Semi-Auto Firearms, 2nd Amendment

A couple Fridays ago, there was a letter to the editor in the Fayette County Record supporting a national ban on semi-automatic firearms.  While I was shocked by the original letter, I am very encouraged by the responses the following week.  They were so numerous they required two papers to print them all.  Thank God for the Fayette County Record, for those who write letters, and in particular, those other three patriots who responded so appropriately.  My letter was published in the Friday paper, but I think they saved the best for Tuesday’s.  Here is my letter with two minor edits*.  God bless Fayette County.

We Need More* Citizen Heroes

Last month in Indiana, a crazy man armed with two semi-automatic rifles and a semi-automatic handgun went into a mall and opened fire, indiscriminately murdering three innocent people and wounding two others in a despicable act of evil.

Fifteen seconds after the shooting began, a 22-year-old citizen hero shopping nearby with his girlfriend, armed with a semi-automatic handgun, returned fire and incredibly landed eight of ten rounds in seconds from forty yards!  The miraculous act of heroism saved countless lives that day.

In 2017, not far from here in Sutherland Springs, a crazy man shot up a church killing 26 and wounding 20.  He was killed outside by a citizen hero with a semi-automatic rifle, but the hero was too late.  This one was particularly heart-wrenching and many of us started carrying our sidearms in church afterwards.  Two years later, also not far from here in White Settlement, a crazy man tried to shoot up another church, but he was only able to kill one before a citizen hero returned fire.

Recently, in Uvalde, a crazy man shot up an elementary school but there was no citizen hero there that day, or the hero was too late.  Unfortunately, there are still gun-free zones in Fayette County, but I am hopeful change is on the horizon.

Every church I walk into, every mall, theatre, restaurant, business or event where I may lawfully carry my semi-automatic sidearm, rest assured, I am.  I am that well-armed, well-trained, citizen hero nearby when the crazy man starts shooting, and I am prepared to return fire.  The safest places I can think of are my home, my truck[,] and my business [and everywhere I go]*.

Don’t be confused.  Semi-automatic firearms are not primarily for hunting, or sport, or even for making war.  They are for personal defense, and it’s precisely why the second amendment secures our God-given right to bear arms (or weaponry).  Do you believe free speech doesn’t apply on the internet because the founders didn’t think of it?

Did you know, in all of history, the worst mass killings have been committed by tyrannical governments against their own citizenry?  Look up “democide”.  Mau Zedong, China (65 million), Joseph Stalin, Soviet Union (20 million), Adolph Hitler, Germany (10 million), Vladimir Lenin, Soviet Union (7 million), and there are many others.  Of course, those citizens were disarmed.  Australia and Canada disarmed its citizens and did anyone else notice the human rights violations committed against them recently?

God-given rights are inherent in man and cannot be taken by government.  There is no compromise.  Please, stop advocating to outlaw semi-automatic firearms.  It’s a fool’s errand.  When the crazy man comes and seconds matter, a well-armed and trained citizen hero nearby is often the best, and only, defense.  It just so happens to be the best deterrent against a democidal government as well.  God bless America!

William Bernsen, Plum

The Original Letter In The Fayette County Record