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FaCoTx Com Court 7/13/2023 – St. Mark’s Revival, Budget Requests & Another 5% Raise?

It was a crowded courtroom today with a revolving door for a marathon meeting. Sam & Diana Wilson, of Hospital Center of Excellence (HCEO), lead off with public comments related to St. Mark’s. There was interesting discussion related to road bonds, our uniform company and especially the bids for property left over from a property tax sale, but without a doubt, the jewel of this meeting was the budget workshop. Private orgs requesting community assistance had detailed written and oral presentations, listen & learn about your community. The smaller county departments followed with their requests, stay up to date. And the last item? “That subject”, another 5% pay increase?

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FaCoTx Com Court 4/13/2023 – Routine is the Order of the Day

Some days are more routine than others and it’s more about what you learn before and after Court :wink: We covered 33 items in 80 minutes, here are some highlights: Rodney Read is unhappy about an accident report & Deborah Frank delivers more fabulous St. Mark’s comments; EMS employees Melody McCoy and Patty Nelson are recognized; subdivision regulations to be discussed at workshop; EMS gives Station 4 update, discusses ambulance chassis cost, wear & tear; discuss mulch grinding, hazardous waste disposal, unhappy uniforms, an internship & of course, bills. But…no hospital update?

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County Judge’s Office Releases Disappointing Statement Regarding St. Mark’s

As you read this joint press release, remember these facts. St. Mark’s is not paying its $1.9 million yearly mortgage and is receiving $273 thousand per month (±$3.3m/yr) for its REH designation, and still its projected net profit for the year is only $600,000. Without the REH money, the net loss is $2.7 m/yr and with the mortgage, the net loss is $4.6 m/yr. Is that sustainable at any level, under any plan?

Fayette County, Texas Courthouse East Side 8/26/2022

FaCoTx Com Court 3/23/2023 – St. Mark’s, EMS, Smuggling & Thermal Imaging?

St. Mark’s is front and center again with more public questions and comments. Thank you, Deborah & Eugene, for your questions and comments. The Airport had some businesses today and the County appears to have finalized its new r.o.w. maintenance bond policy. The Sheriff’s Office report mentions human smuggling in Fayette County and EMS gets a drone capable of thermal imaging? EMS updates us on St. Mark’s budgetary effects and the new EMS station in Schulenburg. The county Grant Specialist had lots to report on today and the Recycling department and Precinct #4 get new equipment.

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A Bold Plan To Save St. Mark’s

The goal is to engineer a plan to rescue St. Mark’s Medical Center (SMMC), before it goes bankrupt, and set it on a path to be a prosperous, full-service hospital again, effective January 1, 2024. Our plan should only temporarily increase property taxes, if at all, and provide for adequate local, community oversight of the hospital. With this goal in mind, let’s use this space to crowdsource the solution.

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FaCoTx Com Court 2/23/2023 – Variances, Lot Size Restrictions & Hospital Woes, Oh My, What a Meeting!

I can think of some spectacular Commissioners Court meetings I have attended and this one is up there. We had lengthy discussion related to numerous topics, including variances from the platting requirements, minimum lot size restrictions, followed by the hospital closure and its effects on the County budget. Four EMS employees are recognized for their service. Also, JP#3 Zapalac responds to questions about fines & fees in Precinct #3. Deputies were on hand from the Sheriff’s Office to discuss law enforcement and crime. Did you know there is another $26 MILLION in grant funds flowing to Fayette County and sadly, more public funds to private orgs? All that in two hours. It was hard to keep up. I listened twice. Don’t miss this full report and share it with your friends! God bless Fayette County, Texas!