Zach Ezer Delivers Powerful Presentation on 2nd Amendment

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Don’t miss this powerful and informative presentation that Zach Ezer delivered to the Fayette County [Texas] Republican Women on 10/20/2022.  He discusses the history and culture of the 2nd Amendment and the firearms industry, key legislation and court rulings, firearms sales, jobs, overall economic impact and background check growth by the numbers, and the threats from the DOJ & FDIC, Presidents, the ATF and a host of other sources.  He closes by discussing what an FRT trigger is, why it is desirable to have, why the ATF is confiscating them and exposes an ATF confiscation right here in Fayette County, Texas.

Zach Ezer
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Go here to learn all about the Chris Dobbins ATF FRT trigger confiscation.  There, you will find the original audio podcast interview, a link to the Texas 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Act, an FRT trigger animation, legal opinions, help on what to do if they knock on your door and more.

Zach presented this slideshow to the FCRW meeting.  I added the slides with the 2nd Amendment sentence diagram, the ones with Bouvier’s Law Dictionary definitions of “arms” and “militia” and the picture of the surveyors.

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